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Our Team

Our group is made up of 10 undergraduate students at McGill who come from a variety of backgrounds and majors but are all passionate about improving their economics education. We work collaboratively on many projects, but specialise in the following teams: 


Raya Ayoub

Raya is  doing a Joint Honours degree in Economics and Sociology. enjoys studying economics because it touches on every facet of daily life while providing a satisfactory mathematical analysis to it. Currently, she is interested in learning more about behavioural economics as it can be applied to many present-day issues – such as the climate crisis. She’s also interested in design and loves cooking with friends. 


Sofia Tchamova

Sofia is  majoring in Economics and Sociology. She is drawn to economics because whether we like it or not, it plays a big role and shapes all of our lives-- meaning it is to everyone’s benefit to think critically about the economy. Her favourite area of pluralist thought is institutional economics, which emphasizes a broader study of institutions and how markets as a result of the complex interaction between them. In her free time she likes to go for runs up Mount Royal and play tennis.


Sehrish is a first year student at McGill University doing an Honours in Economics with a Math major. She was drawn to economics because of the way underlying economic principles underpin almost all facets of human society. She has a particular interest in Behavioural Economics and can be found designing nudges to stop herself from procrastinating (they don't always work). Apart from economics, Sehrish's favourite things are sunsets, long walks getting lost in the city, and taking too many photos of pretty buildings.


Mirabai Francois



Andrew Xu


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